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Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society is dedicated to preserving the Spanish language, legends,
crafts, customs, folklore, rituals, music and history of our Spanish Islenos heritage by:
maintaining an Islenos museum and multi-cultural village; promoting an annual student of Islenos heritage;
and promoting annual Museum Days, a three-day event, to give students hands-on knowledge
of the early Islenos /and their way of life. Click on a link above/below for more information.

Visits to The Islenos Museum are welcome.
  • It is opened Wednesdays through Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00pm and by appointment by calling (504) 277-4681.
  • The Ducros Museum's Phone: (504) 676-3081/3098.
  • The Museums are closed on all federal holidays.

The Los Islenos Heritage & Cultural Society Museum — Headquarters
1345—1357 Bayou Rd. 70785; St. Bernard, Louisiana

e-Mail us with any questions about Los Islenos!

For additional info, contact:
(504) 277-4681

For Hall Rental Info,

Glen Menesses
 (504) 884-9691


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